It appears there is a heartbeat here!

After being preoccupied with other business ventures since Summer of 2017, it appears I may have some time this summer to fire up the smoker!  Follow along at http://www.facebook.com/sevenbbq for any and all updates!

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Last Batch of 2016!

The last batch of 2016 will be ready for pickup on Monday, November 14.  Please get your order in via Seven’s Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/sevenbbq) or send Brandon a private message on Facebook.

Thank you all very much for another great season!


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Smokin’ Season 2016!

It’s that time of the year – you can smell the barbecue in the air! I’m firing up the smoker for the first time this year to have the first batch of pulled pork, beef Rub, pork rub and BBQ sauces ready WED MAY 17!

Also, make sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on when I’ll be smoking more pulled pork and other updates! https://www.facebook.com/SevenBBQ



These are most likely introductory prices as they aren’t marked up too much from what I pay to purchase the ingredients/supplies and produce them.  Order as much or little as you would like – it’s my pleasure to provide whatever you would like! 


Pork Rub – $4/cup
Delicious blend of spices that can be used on anything, but especially good as a rub for pulled pork, a seasoning for pork chops, a light rub for ribs, or pretty much anything involving pork.

Beef Rub – $4/cup
Rich and flavorful combination of spices that can also be used on anything, but was designed for beef (brisket, tri-tip, beef ribs, steak, etc.)


Pulled Pork – $10/lb
Liberally-seasoned pork shoulder (with my own pork rub) wood-smoked and cooked at least 10 hours & hand-pulled.  Juicy, rich and full of flavor.  It’s been said to be the “best pulled pork I’ve ever had” and that it “makes the best pulled pork sandwich north of the Mason-Dixon line!”

St. Louis Style Ribs – $26 full slab / $13 half slab
Perfectly seasoned (with my own pork rub) wood-smoked and cooked at least 6 hours until juicy, tender and full of flavor.  Some of the best ribs you’ll ever have!

*I’m not currently doing any other meats on a regular basis.  However, if there is something you would like done, please contact me and I can get you a price (brisket, chicken, etc.).

All of my BBQ sauces are made from scratch with my own recipes.
They are $4 for a 12 oz bottle, or $1 for a 2 oz “sample” size.

My original recipe BBQ Sauce.  A hint of smokiness, bold flavor and just a touch of heat.  The taste profile is nothing like the “big” BBQ Sauce brands out there.

Fire Pit
Exceptional flavor along side a medium amount of heat.  The “Fire Pit” name comes from the outdoor, smokey campfire flavor profile this BBQ has.

Citrus Kicker
A beautiful orange-citrus BBQ flavor followed up immediately by a small kick of heat.

Asian Ginger
BBQ combined with the delicious flavor of teryaki with the perfect amount of ginger to set it off.

A smokey, rich & bold BBQ Ranch sauce kicked up with some other special ingredients.

Sweet Tang
The sweet sauce of the bunch hits you with a cinnamon flavor up front and a hint of candied-ginger later.

This is for the mustard & vinegar sauce lovers.  It combined my original BBQ with the perfect amounts of mustard and vinegar for an extremely tasty outcome!

Those are my 7 sauces, but if there’s a certain type of sauce you would like to try or have tried somewhere else, I can most likely re-create it – just let me know what the basic flavors were and what you liked about it.  I’ve done a few custom sauces with great results.  It would, however, be a little more since it wouldn’t be made in large batches.


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Next Pork Smokin’ – Ready Monday, August 18!

Get your orders in!  Let me know how many pounds of pork you would like, any sauces and any rubs!  Thank you!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sevenbbq
E-mail: sevenbbq7@gmail.com
Call or Text if you have my phone #

pulled pork sandwich

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Next fresh batch to be ready Wed, July 2!

Hey guys, I’ll be smoking a bunch of pulled pork for 4th of July weekend! I’ll have it ready WED, JULY 2. I’m hoping to get quite a few orders and hopefully even some family gatherings. If you’re having a get together for the 4th of July and want to serve pulled pork sandwiches, get ahold of me! I can even help you with how much you’d need for a specific amount of guests.

Send me a facebook message, call/text if you have my #, or e-mail sevenbbq7@hotmail.com with your order! Deadline to let me know will be Monday, June 30! Thank you all very much!

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